Can not afford Birkin? Hermes replica these two can not miss (two)

Hermes Herbag series

Speaking of Hermes you may think is more than a million packets … … but in fact it is not so exaggerated, Hermes also has many entry series, such as today introduced Hermes Herbag series, the price is not so exaggerated, Understanding of shape, often Herbag and kelly silly points can not tell, this also means: hit the bag probability is not high!

Hermes replica handbags

Hermes replica Herbag prototype is kelly, but the use of different materials, Herbag than kelly in the structure of a more than the outer bag, and Herbag buckle is round. The size is divided into four: Herbag TPM 21.5 × 19 × 7cm, Herbag PM 25 × 30 × 10cm, Herbag MM30 × 38 × 8cm, Herbag GM33 × 50 × 25cm.

Hermes replica handbags

Although the size of a lot of Herbag dazzling, but in general divided into two styles, namely, backpack and shoulder bag. Among them, the shoulders backpack has been discontinued, the school called Herbag A Dos, while the single shoulder replica bags is perennial in the state was snapped up. Below this picture is the Hermes Herbag backpack.

Hermes replica handbags

In fact, replica Hermes Herbag series style is very young, very casual everyday, the price is very appropriate, is one of the entry-worth back. Because it is canvas, so the bag is very light, the upper part of the metal and leather can be removed, the canvas part of the dry cleaning can be taken out.

Hermes replica handbags

Herbag is generally cowhide + canvas mosaic material, with a large and a small two Baoshen, can be used as a small briefcase, but also as large leisure package, very practical. Color is also a new year, the basic are more beautiful.

There is also a high 21.5 × width 19 × depth 7cm, this bag is the smallest series of shoulder bag, I feel like hanging in the body of a small accessories. Baoshen a cloth pattern lattice and general cloth two, so the price is relatively cheap, the market price of about 9500RMB or so.

High 25 × width 30 × depth 10cm, still belong to the Herbag series inside the small package, mature and comfortable design, it is suitable for use when dating Oh! Market reference price of about 19000RMB or so.

High 30 × width 38 × depth 8cm, commute to school when the use of appropriate! Is a very convenient model. Even if something heavy, you can easily destroyed in the shoulder. Market reference price is probably around 19000RMB.

High 33 × width 50 × depth 25cm, suitable for travel with large models of handbags, canvas material, no matter how many things can be packed in the bag inside, it will not seem too heavy. Market reference price of about 25000RMB or so.

Hermes replica handbags to buy the world’s most inconvenient luxury, and generally want to buy is the store or purchasing, but do not buy depends on the character and you give you the number of sales brush card, like you can go into a .

Can not afford Birkin? Hermes replica these two can not miss (one)

Hermes replica most famous to Birkin, and in addition to a romantic named story, in short supply led to aristocratic lady who love, but also created its unprecedented price and luxury symbol. But for many people, Birkin is still out of reach, and today to introduce two most similar price with the Birkin shape is relatively close to the people of the handbag. One of which is mentioned above Kelly, the other is Herbag.

Hermes replica handbags
Hermes Kelly series of handbags

And other big different, not relying on eye-catching luxury brand LOGO to show off luxury, do not rely on the rendering of advertising to let people familiar with, relying solely on high-quality leather and handmade leather goods made of dumping hearts, more share of the trend does not depend on Of arrogance. The mention of Hermes, would have to mention his home two super classic bag – Birkin and Kelly. Kelly and birkin two replica handbags from the Hermer traditional saddle on the inspiration, like twins, the identification method is Kelly is a single handle and Birkin as a double handle, and today we take a good look at Kelly handbags.

Hermes replica handbags

As early as 1892, there have been prototypes of the Kelly handbag to facilitate with the ladies to carry, Hermes is the limited edition products. The official Hermes Kelly fame in 1956, “Life” magazine, when the magazine published the Moroccan princess, Hollywood celebrity actress Grace – Kelly pregnant with carrying Hermes Kelly bag photos , And “Hight Bag” has since changed to Hermes Kelly, and thus rolled up a frenzy. Grace Kelly and named after her Kelly bag, are once the classic signs of that era and impact so far.

Hermes replica handbags

Developed so far in the Kelly replica handbags uk in general from large to small is divided into four sizes, one of the most popular is the most common high 35cm Kelly 35 series handbags, classic Kelly 35 handbags with 100% Clamence leather production, there are many Monochrome and color can be selected.

Hermes replica handbags

The classic decorative metal buckle and leather bag hanging, the capacity is very large; Speaking Hermes home work is not to say, whether it is double riding suture, goat leather interior, or the bottom of the four small square foot bag , Kelly bag every detail without slack. Each platinum package, from beginning to end by the same craftsman responsible for all processes to ensure the quality of pure.

Hermes replica handbags

Kelly bag is the charm of replica Hermes craftsmanship, luxurious precious cortex … … the integration of dignified simplicity and calm luxury, so Kelly bag classic become a model for everyone in the world want to have a woman, willing to join the long Long waiting list.

Milk sister 120,000 handbags carry out the street to see female star “nurturing” replica Hermes

Recently, to the United States holiday tea sister and Liu Qiang East was photographed in the airport users fit appearance, but the grandmother’s sister used to beside the body in addition to high-handed president, there can be a value of 126,000 Hermes kelly replica bag Oh.

Hermes replica bags

Recently, there are friends at the San Francisco airport to encounter the United States holiday tea sister and Liu Qiang East. They are very casual casual wear. Liu Qiang East as a senior handbag brother to mention the milk tea sister, but the value of about more than 10 million yuan Hermes replica kelly bag. Although holding the seemingly fashion-related with the kelly but piercing and fashion has nothing to do with the mix, the two people are really full of local flavor. However, compared to the value of about 38,000 yuan before the Chanel Classic Flap bag, milk tea sister also feel that this was called the elite circle.

Hermes replica bags

In fact, in the entertainment circle, star carry big package this is not new, presumably you also see tired of actress usually attend the activities of the luxury costume jewelry near the body, but the private dress is a test star ho is not a big shortcut, Especially the seemingly random airport street film, they are all well prepared Oh. Edit the following to take you inventory under these “Hermes wave” it.

Goddess Angelababy love replica Hermes, a nearly 600,000 Hermes crocodile skin platinum package in hand, it would like to have Xiaoming escort at the airport, big fan of the full range.

Hermes replica bags
The mainland is also very popular Herman Tang Yan style, red Kelly bag is her favorite, as always, accompanied by sweet sweet simple Kelly even more pure.

Hermes replica bags

Liu Yifei Hermes is also put it down, but her Hermes replica bag can be extra personality, so the color is also a fairy Xiannian out of a lake.

You have been reading the wrong name also bought dozens of big names in vain!

Have not found, even though you have a very familiar with these brands, but there is no way to read the correct high-qualifying their brand. Domestic translation of the name will suddenly pull down the brand’s style is not it? So, learn English, French and Italian in a short period of time within the too possible, but learn these big-name pronunciation, but it is essential for each fashion skills yo!

replica handbags

Big name more and more, like the big people are more and more, but that is like the big mistake read the wrong looks like a bit “Johnson” it, never used in the pronunciation did not taste, all with American pronunciation and does not seem professional. Today COSMO teach you how to put big names, read out the international range of children to!

1, Burberry English / ‘bɝ, bɛri /

Mainland Translation: Bo Buri transliteration: Bu Bu Rui

For China’s luxury consumers, the brand familiar again. It is understood that Chinese consumers contributed up to 30% of Burberry’s income. In fact, Burberry name source is the name of its founder. In 1856, only 21-year-old British young man Thomas Burberry in the United Kingdom single-handedly founded the Burberry brand.

2, Elie Saab English / eli-sɑːb /

Mainland China Translation: Ai Li Sa Bo transliteration: Eric force not

Elie Saab is a since 2000, by the international fashion industry concerns of Lebanese designers, his design by the Hollywood star’s favorite. In addition to some of the TangYang plagiarism plagiarism incident, Elie Saab’s dress almost swept the major red carpet at home and abroad, is Fan Bingbing, Liu Yifei and other stars of love.

3, Givenchy French [Jhee-Von-Shee]

Continent Translation: Givenchy transliteration: clothing Wang Xi

Founder Hubert de GIVENCHY, height 198cm, was born in Normandy, France Beauvais an art family. Givenchy 4G symbol representing the classic (Genteel), elegant (Grace), pleasure (Gaiety) and Givenchy, which is the original French designer Givenchy created by the brand spirit. Givenchy is also a good friend of Audrey Hepburn, Givenchy not only for the design of daily clothing Hepburn, but also responsible for the design of Hepburn in the film wearing clothing, including “Roman holiday”, “jewel”, “sweet child” and ” Stolen dragon turn Feng “and so on.

4, Hermes French [Ai (r) -Mes]

Mainland Translation: Hermes Transliteration: Oh Hermans

In 1837, Thierry Hermes replica opened the first in Paris, a harness shop. 80 years of the 20th century, a symbol of the dress of the clothing style of the comeback, Hermes to the unexpected trend of rapid development. Hermes boutiques all over the world to become celebrities gathered in the place, was Monaco princess conceal Kelly bags, Birkin bags by Jane Birkin proposed are descendants of the story relish, of course, become the most celebrity show off their wealth tool.

Hermes replica

5, Lanvin French [La-Ven]

Mainland Translation: Lang Fan Transliteration: Lang Wen

LANVIN is France’s oldest high fashion brand, founder Jeanne Lanvin because her daughter gave birth to her inspiration, in the 30 years after the formal establishment of their own fashion shop in Paris, Lanvin “romantic house” shop has been operating until now, Paris The only oldest boutiques in the haute couture. And Lanvin and H & M, Top Shop high street brand cooperation so that more people know about this luxury brand.

6, Miumiu Italian [Miu-Miu]

Mainland Translation: Miao Miao transliteration: Miao Miao

Miu Miu is a famous Italian brand Prada’s deputy line, in fact, its name is the source of the third generation of Prada Miss Miuccia Prada nickname. Miss Miuccia at the age of twenty has revealed her smart, fashion sense and design talent, the design of a waterproof fabric “Pocone” to create a backpack swept so far, twenty years old when he was awarded a doctorate in political science . Miu Miu simple youth, marketing the world, I do not know how many fashion fans all over the world, it is no less inferior to the status of the fashion line Prada.

7, Moschino Italian [Mos-`Kee-No]

Mainland Translation: Mosi Chino transliteration: Mosi Chino

Named after the designer Franco Moschino Milan young brand, known for the design weird. Born in the outskirts of Milan Moschino had designed sketches for Mr. Armani, after the establishment of its own brand. To the end, he has established a value of 1.9 billion yuan in the fashion kingdom, also has 26 operating licenses, including such as Moschino jeans, socks, shoes, handbags and so on.

8,3.1 Phillip Lim English / filip lim /

Mainland Translation: Philip Lin 3.1 Transliteration: Philip Lin

3.1 Phillip Lim is a Chinese-American designer Lin Nengping founded in 2005, the brand is the success of many emerging fashion brands in the model. In the autumn of 2005, Phillip Lim and his partner Zhou Zhou Wen Wen, together with the creation of the clothing brand Philip Lin 3.1. When they are 31 years old, so they put the brand name “3.1Phillip Lim”, with white roses as a symbol.

9, Ralph Lauren
Mainland Translation: Ralph Lauren Transliteration: Rui old lady Ruilun

Ralph Lauren, an ordinary Jewish family born in the United States, has become a leading leisure brand in the United States with his own sensitivity to clothing. Polo shirt polo shirt became a must-name wardrobe style, but also truly meet the spirit of the United States at that time – a trend is not due to change, eternal and a personal style of wearing a sense.

10, Yves Saint Laurent French [Eve Sonn Lo’re-en]

Mainland Translation: Yves Saint Laurent transliteration: Uncle Saint Lu Hao

As a Baron descendant Yves Saint Laurent, has extraordinary talent for fashion design, when he was 21 years old is Dior’s chief designer. 25-year-old he broke up with Dior, founded his own brand YSL. He has traveled in China, and from the oriental culture to obtain inspiration, created YSL Opium perfume, still ranks the forefront of the world’s perfume rankings. The most interesting is that Karl Lagerfeld between the French aristocratic man of Jacques de Bascner love for the fashion industry is the most memorable charming war.

Faster than the stock! Tell you the most worthwhile to start the replica bag

A while back the major brands substantially lower prices, Shanghai ah, Hong Kong, ah, a large number of a large number of rich queues waiting to buy it! Well, maybe you do not like to join in the fun, then you can start preparing to save money.


Coco Chanel in 1955, Ms. launched 2.55 package, until today, this package is still the best comments of elegance and elegance. Chanel Reissue 2.55 package of rectangular buckle is named “Mademoiselle Lock”, meaning Miss lock, on behalf of Coco lifetime unmarried, so life is called Miss Coco Chanel. Coco Chanel grew up in the orphanage since childhood, 2.55 inside the red leather represents Coco childhood, because the orphanage orphanage uniforms to wear is the color of the. 2.55 double cover design also has its small mind, above the first cover there is a zipper dark clip, there is a collection of love letters where Coco. 2.55 on the back of the small clip is used to store coins change. Shoulder chain design inspiration is also from the orphanage, when the orphanage guards who put the key with a similar chain tied to his waist, Coco is also very impressed by a picture.

2.55 is undoubtedly the most classic Chanel replica bag, come out in 1955, and after the out until now out of the stereotypes, which is commonly known as Reissues. The sizes are: 224The Baby – 7.5 x 5.75 x 1.75, 225Small – 9.75 “x 7.06” x 2.16 “, 226Medium – 11” x 8 “x 2.5”, 227Large – 12.25 “x 9.18” x 2.5 “, 228The X-Large Aka Jumbo – 14.2 “x 9.8” x 3 “(Rare) One of the most common is the 226 and 227 sizes.

Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld will be the popular classic Reissue 2.55 for a little evolution, that is what we now call the Classic Flag. Lafayette in the classic handbag chain shoulder strap to add leather, the lock into a double C Logo replaced the original Mademoiselle Lock design, which we now see a double C button with the 2.55 package. In 1955, when Ms. Coco Chanel released the first 2.55 package, when the price but only 220 dollars. After all the way soaring, the United States, a blogger said that in 2010, when she bought a 2695 US dollars Classic Flap, a month later, the package rose more than 300 US dollars. Two years later in 2012, her bag price has almost doubled, so this represents the classic section is worth the investment ah.

Came out shorter than the 2.55, the original is a derivative version of 2.55, but after years of improvement and evolution, has now become the most common and popular Chanel style. (9.5 x 18 x 4.5 cm), East / West (12.5 x 25 x 6 cm), Small (small) 9 “x 5.5” x 2 “D-Caviar, more for the lambskin, Medium / Large ( 10 “x 6” x 2.5 “- Caviar, more for the lambskin, Jumbo – 12” x 8 “x 3” – Caviar, more for the lambskin, Maxi 33CM X 22CM X 8.25CM.

Speedy as LV “housekeeping classic” handbag, from the birth of 1930, already has 80 years of history, oh! In 1965, as Speedy’s loyal fans, Hepburn asked Henri-Louis Vuitton for her custom-made a small Speedy handbag, from Speedy 25 was born. Hepburn took the LV handbag, how can not classic? LouisVuitton Speedy handbags like a ball-like shape of football, so that the handbag space is more spacious, attached to the padlock at the zipper, so that people have more security bag security.

LV Speedy a total of five sizes, namely 25cm, 30cm, 35cm, 40cm and 45cm. Of which 45cm be regarded as men’s replica handbags, and generally do not call Speedy, but called Keepall. 30 size is best suited for everyday handbags, while 35 and 40 are more like a travel bag. If you want to do long-term investment, then choose a classic style 30 is the most worthy of Oh!

Alma handbag prototype, from 1934 by Mr. Gaston Vuitton created Squire Bag bag, its design at the beginning, is the excellent quality and practical design, for the then elite travel services. In 1955, Squire Bag bag evolution, re-interpretation and changed its name to Champs-Elysees bag. In 1992, after some re-creation, exclusive to the modern city girl Alma handbags debut. The word “Alma” is taken from the famous Place de l’Alma, in the heart of Paris, at the confluence of Montaigne and the Seine. With its name the same strain, Alma handbags on behalf of, is simple and elegant, unique.

Alma This elegant handbag is made of Epi leather, with double zip closure, in particular with two inner bags. Now, this style has become a classic, as Fan Bingbing endorsement, the fire is really not a card to open ah! This handbag is definitely in the rising period, the size of amazing, stunning color, and now buy a hand is absolutely not lose! Alma series of a variety of optional colors, coupled with convex texture, there are different sizes to meet everyone’s needs.

Louis Vuitton Neverfull handbags, compiled no longer here to introduce you, because the price is easy to bump into the package of street bags, and no zipper is easy to throw things Oh. However, Louis Vuitton’s Graffiti Neverfull package is worth investing Oh.

Hermes Birkin replica handbags
Hermès Kelly handbags

Hermes replica Kelly bag is the first designed for hunters saddle bags, Hermes leather goods is the first single product, has been available since 1892. 30 years to facilitate the ladies to carry and modify the size, as early as that time is Hermes limited edition products. In 1956 because the Monaco Princess Grace Kelly took its frequent debut to roll up the tide of the package, as a favorite of all the fashion people thing. Later Hermes family in the consent of the Monaco royal family’s consent, this handbag officially Grace Kelly premarital name named Kelly bag.

You have to admit, Hermes has the brand’s historical and cultural accumulation to the extreme. It has aristocratic aristocratic reputation backing, it has a sigh legend, it has a throwing tens of millions of gold private exclusive customization, it has exquisite craftsmanship and unique design. Kelly initially 35,32,28 cm three dimensions, to 1968, the addition of mini Kelly, 1980, an increase of 40 cm size of the size, which is so far a total of 5 sizes.

Hermes Birkin replica handbags

Birkin handbag originated in 1984, an encounter, when Hermès president Jean Louis Dumas in the plane flew to London with the British actress Jane Birkin meet Jane complained to him that he always can not find high quality and practical bag , Her handbag can hold the thing is too little. So Mr. Dumas immediately to Jane sent to visit Hermes workshop of invitation, and together design a fashionable and practical of new handbags. In this way, platinum package was born.

Hermes Birkin replica handbags average annual increase of 10%, buy a home is almost certainly not lose. Birkin 35 – height 25cm width 35cm depth 18cm, Birkin 40 – height 30m width 40cm depth of 19cm, Birkin 45 – height of 20cm width of 25cm depth of 13cm, Birkin 30 – height of 22cm width of 30cm depth of 16cm, – Height 30cm Width 45cm Depth 21cm.

Brikin family Baoya than the United States no wonder you dare to fight against replica Hermes

A while ago, a section by the PETA (American animal organization) shooting farms stripped crocodile skin video is put on the network, and this video shows that the farm official Hermes replica handbags supply sources. Jane Brikin know the news, the first time Statement that: do not want to Hermes Brikin bags to continue to name, unless there is a better way to deal with crocodile. This domineering challenge Hermes, Brikin in the end on what basis?

Brikin package to the story of the children’s shoes and then popularize about … … anyway, there are times on the plane Jane brikin and Hermes President on the plane encounter, just to do her mother complained to the President Kelly bag inconvenient Hermes another bag, To Grace Kelly named), so people back after the design in addition to the platinum package (named after Jane Brikin).

Hermes replica handbags

Although the Brikin package is named after Jane Brikin, but others really do not care this package, always hanging on the package when the jingling bang even when the ornaments, but also paste the picture and even the above painting … and The general female Stars are dressed in the United States and the United States with the Brikin package Da Street, but she is always a full “dirty” look, casually with Brikin package … mainly because of the young, she has To look good clothes to wear over and over again …

As for why people complained, Hermes replica boss on duangduangduang Lele Britain to produce new products out of it? This has to be traced back what Brikin in the end is what kind of character! Born in 1946 in London Jane Brikin, the father is a famous British aristocracy, and the mother Judy – Gampo is a reputable actor.

60 years, she follows the pace of her mother into the entertainment industry, through efforts, she got starred in the film “Blow Up” (Blow Up) opportunity, and the film at the 1967 Cannes Film Festival won the Palme d’Or. At the same time, Jane also just with the British composer John – Barry (famous film 007 series soundtrack author) married. And gave birth to the first daughter Kate Barry, but the two lives are not happy, not long The eldest daughter grew up to become a fashion photographer, but the end of 2013 in Paris, home fall dead. But the love of frustration Jane Brikin did not give up their careers. In 1968, she traveled to France and auditioned For the film role Slogan. Did not expect a French word will not say Jane Brikin audition was successful. And this undoubtedly gave her life a huge turning point, in this scene she met the famous French literary and art circles of the master character match day – Gansb . So you may not know him, but when he was young and sexy idiot Brigitte – Bardot tangled it, you know that this man’s woman edge how good. And after his death in 1991, France for his half- Mast mast, enough to explain his position in the French art world. It is said that the two men did not start a call, but one day they went out to Maxim restaurant, did not expect has always been keen on rave parties and nightlife known Playboy Sergei – Gansb Even with her sparks, from the two people become the French music industry’s most eye-catching and legendary couple. The two people really fit point is not in the film industry, but music. In 1968, Gansb Created Je t’aime, moi non plus, a naked description of sex songs. In 1969, Jane and Gansb chorus of the song, income of their common album “Jane Birkin and racing day Gansb”, Gansbie written explicit lyrics, with Jane Jiao Mei invincible Moaning, all violated the public morality. Although the various media have banned, but the song’s sales in just a few months to sell a million.

Therefore, Gansbok and Birkin became the year the most notorious pair, their relationship has become a topic of close attention to the media. However, the difference between the two 18-year-old was married. They married in 1968, and in 1971 with the crystallization of love – Charlotte – Gansbok , she not only inherited the mother’s beauty, in the film and television achievements are also high. Her mother has a unique decadent Fan children there are cross-border art of mystery, known as “France’s most temperament of the woman.” The opposite of Anglo-French dances in her graceful body, a more exotic, wandering and charming trait. Not only acting, but also singing. A child living is also very happy, often go out to play with what. But the artist is always a little bit can not correct their own little hobby, and Serge Gainsbourg there is a serious problem of alcohol. Two people still parted ways in 1980, but still a good friend of two people, Serge Gainsbourg did not stop writing for Jane Brikin. Then, Jane – Birkin and the 1944 French-born director Jacques Doillon came together. Subsequently, Jane Brikin gave birth to a third daughter (saying is really a mad girl ah) Lou – Du Wallon. Jacques Doillon is very painful Lou – Du Wallon . As early as 1987, Jacques Doillon let his daughter appeared in a quite a sensation at the time of the film “Petit Amour, Le” . At that time her daughter was only five years old. The Lou Doillon is also very artistic talent, born full of romantic genes, is the kind of French-style romance is full of slightly romantic and light fashion stunner. European tabloid to Lou Doillon as “the most beautiful girl in Paris”, and she is GIVENCHY perfume brand spokesperson. Although, now Jane Brikin has no youthful beauty, but look at her old photos, it is not difficult to understand why Hermes boss is willing to design a Brikin replica bag for her. Because her beauty is indeed from the inside out, the more goods more alcohol stunning … …

Hermes replica pragmatism: with minimalist casting classic “French woman”

Hermes replica show field has always been very low-key, the show floor of the “guest guests” do not need “monsters” dressed up flirtatious actress, T stage also did not make a glance called the name of the current hot Supermodel. This show field, but for every one of the guests, the media can be absorbed in the appreciation of French clothing charm. Hermes was born in Paris, France, with 170 years of pure French origin, and the real purchase Hermes ladies, and certainly not only look on the Birkin bag (platinum package), but will focus on it will not Out of date pragmatism.

This is Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski Hermione’s third surgeon dress show, Hermes in the Women’s Artistic Director, she became the design director of The Row. Nadege Vanhee-Cybulski said in an interview, she and Hermes of the high degree of fit, she loves Hermes clothing concept, the use of simple lines and Hermes classic orange line to create a better clothing quality. Especially for the selection of fabrics in the pursuit of beauty while showing clothing to maximize the body to meet the comfort. Therefore, Hermes’s clothing no matter how long, always give people timeless texture.

Mentioned earlier, Hermes show the first few cards to see the face of the star cooked face, the show did not name a few supermodel on the name. Not only that, Hermes show field is also not “senior.” As a “old” luxury brand, Hermes never advertised “show off their wealth”, the show field dull gray tone and an iconic Hermes orange curtain is the background of the show field.

This simple dull colors more highlight the design of clothing, Hermes is simply trying to let the people around the world to look on their design. And even the makeup of the models are also fresh, as always, Guadan. Even so, in the furor of the French song foil, the show or the people into a full-bodied French romance.

Hermes this season, the show is still just a simple dark blue, beige, dark red and other low-key large areas of color to give you staged a minimalist French romance.

This slightly pajamas style lazy atmosphere of the fishtail skirt is this season show the highest rate of dress in the skirt. The use of close-fitting silk fabric with a high-necked sweater, not pick, but not so good control.

Designers also use geometric necklace to dress up the body of this decorated, tough strip to the elegant skirt a more modern.

Through these sets of dress, not difficult to find, high heap piles of stockings with the same color of small pointed high-heeled wear law seems to have “resurgence” signs. This pair of pointed small high-heel is not as we thought it is fine with the, but with a small rough with the design, it seems more fit Hermes design concept: comfortable.

Another field show on the show is also a thick with the design of the shoes, is a pair of boots, a variety of colors. But not the traditional style of tight ankle, but slightly profile of the hard leather section, divided into high and low to help two. If the tip of the top of the French high-heeled woman is a small, then these boots must be \

But have to say, this boots do not seem so good to control, then replica Hermes how to make these boots in his “skilled” under the French woman’s maverick side of it. With this pair of boots is the preferred dress is a high-necked sweater + eight-legged pants shape, and then with the nature of a sweater, jacket, absolute hard gas French woman image ready to come out.

In addition to the choice of eight pants can also choose nine points wide leg pants, in addition to high-necked sweater also appeared in a round neck style, anyway, want to create a French atmosphere, a personal sweater is essential, the color to black, Beige is the best.

Asymmetrical skirt is also used with the boots of the “excellent yield”, compared to intellectual pants handsome, asymmetrical skirt floating in the ankle to show more romantic style. But Hermes seems to be a “feminist”, it can not be reconciled with a woman always skirt to show graceful graceful figure to serve men, so this slightly romantic dress with a tough belt to reconcile.

The same classic ever – a step skirt is also essential for French women out of the street a single product. But the monotony of the step skirt how will appear in the Hermes show floor, compared to the common package hip style, Hermes adopted a tubular skirt, slightly skirt shape looks skirt looks full of frigidity.

Even the dress does not cater to the body curve, waist only do a little waist design, but the overall is still “straight up and down” maverick, so that the “French woman” looks a bit difficult to manage.

Perhaps the whole show is the most romantic dress skirt that a few pleated skirt it, but no bones of the elegant, you still harness these lines clear skirt.

Perhaps you will find, Hermes show field rarely patterns, are basically a large area of color use, indeed. The main line of Hermes rarely show the line will make the show bells and whistles, but does not mean that people are not good at “doing map.”

Dot, is this season one of the elements of the pattern, the use of visual effects to create a unique wave-point-shaped spread of creativity. Focus or focus on the fabric, elegant silk, woolen woolen cloth can be transformed into Hermes wind clothing.

In addition, there are horizontal stripes of the texture pattern.

The New Hermes Kelly Bag Needs To Be On Your Wish List Now

— It might be small, but it’s oh-so mighty


It’s no surprise that Hermes know how to make a must-have bag. From the Hermes Birkin to the Kelly and every other bag they’ve ever made, each one has been spotted on the arms of the world’s elite and are a certified status symbol.

And now the storied French fashion house has introduced yet another bag for us to lust after: The Kelly Mini II.

The new style is smaller than the iconic classic Kelly and bigger than the Kelly Micro, making it an essential for any collector. This new Mini II is an ideal day-to-day size, and can be worn on the shoulder, cross body or top handle so you’re never stuck for options.

We’d say it’s only a matter of time before North West is rocking one.

The Hermes Kelly Mini II retails for approximately Dhs29,136. See for more.

Why It’s No Time to Hermes Replica Bag Shares

— There are signs the fashion company’s safe-haven status may be breaking down

A Hermes Birkin Bag. Hermes shares plunged 7% Wednesday morning after the company released its half-year results.

The luxury downturn finally seems to be catching up with Hermes.

The doyen of French fashion is genuinely exclusive: With the apparent exception of certain celebrities, there is a waiting list to buy its iconic Birkin and Kelly replica handbags. That has insulated it from the demand vacuum that has hit other purveyors of luxury goods such as Cartier-owner Richemont, which said Wednesday that its profits for the six months to September would be 45% below the prior year’s level.

Safe-haven status may even have benefited Hermes replica in the storm. Its shares exchanged hands for 36 times forward earnings last month, according to FactSet—the highest since speculation of a takeover by LVMH died down in 2012.

But now there are signs the model is breaking down. In half-year results released Wednesday Hermes dropped its official “medium-term” goal of growing revenues organically by 8% a year—even though that was its growth rate in the most recent quarter.

One plausible explanation, albeit one the hermetic company would never confirm, is that its fabled waiting list is running thin. Recent results have been increasingly dependent on double-digit growth in the flagship leather-goods business, which accounts for roughly half of total sales. Sales are shrinking for the accessories Hermes devotees used to buy in an effort to get higher up the waiting list for a Birkin—such as jewelry and scarves.

The shares plunged 7% Wednesday morning, bringing the forward earnings multiple down to 32 times. But the correction may have further to run. If replica Hermes can no longer count on discretely releasing more handbags to support its growth profile, it will become more like other luxury-goods groups. The stock of sector bellwether LVMH trades on 18 times forward earnings.

This may be a good time to buy a Hermes bag if you covet one. It probably isn’t a good time to buy Hermes shares.